If you've ever been on a cannabis dispensary website, you've likely seen lists upon lists of different flowers, concentrates, edibles, and more. This can be cause for confusion especially if you have not previously had access to information about recreational cannabis and its use. Not to worry - our team at Chillin' Buds is always passionate about education and today we are giving you the basics on all the types of cannabis you will see on our website. This information will allow you to make an informed choice about what type of cannabis is best suited for you.


The most common type of cannabis purchased is flower. These are known to be the most popular because they are very versatile and offer many different methods of consumption, such as bongs, joints, and pipes. Otherwise known as the smokeable type of cannabis, flowers are typically ground up in a grinder before use. Chillin' Buds also sells pre- rolls, which are pre-assembled joints, which takes away the work of grinding the loose flower and rolling a joint. It is important to properly store flowers in order to ensure their freshness, so the best method of doing so would be in an airtight container.


Among the many properties of a cannabis plant are terpenes and cannabinoids. These two properties contribute to the more popular effects of cannabis. When terpenes and cannabinoids are isolated from the cannabis plant, they create a concentrate. This is why concentrates are highly potent with cannabis effects. There are different ways in which concentrates can be consumed. These include being smoked in a vape, a dab rig, or with a flower in a pipe or bong. Concentrates can be stored similar to flowers, however, they should be in a container that is as small as possible in order to minimize the amount of air in the container. These containers are called humidity packs and of course, we have them, and everything else you may need, at chillinbuds.com!


Edibles are items of food that have cannabis infused into them. There are a wide variety of edibles sold at dispensaries, the most popular of them being baked goods and gummies. Edibles have a high appeal to recreational cannabis users because they are easy to consume and one can experience the effects of cannabis without smoking. Unfortunately, these cannabis products have to move through the digestive system before they are absorbed into the bloodstream, and this means that they may take an hour or two before the user begins to feel the effects. Each edible product may contain a different concentration of THC or CBD so it is important to know the correct dose for you and to start with a small dose and gradually increase in order to discover what your body can handle.


The last type of cannabis to discuss is vaporizers. Vaporizers are typically handheld and some consider this to be a better alternative to smoking. Concerning cannabis, these vaporizers heat up the cannabis into a vapor so the user can ingest it. There are two main types of vaporizers for cannabis: one uses dry flowers to create vapor and the other use concentrates to create vapor. These devices have many advantages to traditional cannabis consumption methods, including being discreet, convenient and a cleaner alternative to other methods. Some vaporizers can be used to consume CBD, where the effects are more relaxing, and some are used to consume THC, where the user will experience a high commonly associated with cannabis use.

In short, it is important to use a method of recreational cannabis that is most suited for your preferred use and using a dose that you are comfortable with. It is always better to start with a small dose and gradually increase until you reach an amount that your body can tolerate. At Chillin' Buds, we always want to promote the safe use of cannabis and we want to remind all of our buds that our products should never be used if you plan on driving.